Thursday, March 17, 2011



罗志祥- 独一无二
- Touch My Heart
- 拼什么
潘玮柏- 触动
范玮琪- 暮光
- 最重要的決定

Big Bang- Tonight
- Cafe
- What Is Right
- Somebody To Love
- Haru-Haru (Acoustic version)
Secret- Shy Boy
Beast- Mystery
- Soom
- Bad Girl
- Beautiful
- I Like You The Best
Super Junior M- Destiny
- My All Is In You
- Off My Mind
- True Love
- Love Is Sweet
Dalmation- Supa Luv
- The Man Opposed
8Eight- The End Is Coming
Kim Hyun Joong- Please Be Nice To Me
One Way- Rainy Days (ft. 2PM Junsu)
4Minute- Bababa


Dream High





就快的啦!再等一等吧~ 我只是不想受苦就好了~



Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yes yes! I'm lazy to update my blog! It's true! XD
Had been occupying my brother's room for the past week and now I'm back to my sofa bed again!
I want my own room! Can't I?! T.T
Well... After my brother's girlfriend is here... He somehow change a lot!
Don't really like the way he treats people... Haiz...
Yea! And sometimes mum talks sarcastic too!
Sooo... Somehow family is not in a very good condition!
Haiz... I wonder why my family is always like that! T.T

Oooo! I'm going to Canberra Show!
Maybe I'll blog later! hahahaha!
Sloooowly wait harh! :p

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have not update my blog for ages harh! XD
While listening to the radio~ I shall type! Hahahaha

In December I went back to Malaysia as usual~
Went for caroling again and met many amazing and interesting people!
People who treasure friendship...
People who treasure each another presence...
People who love singing!
People who doesn't listen to Melvin! XD
People who have amazing voices!
Which make me miss them very much even after a month not talking to them!
Blek! Melvin had been better already!
But yeah!!! He is still always late!
But I can estimate his lateness already!
He made other people wait for 2 hours for him whereas I reach 5 minutes before him!
Muahahaha! But still larh! Driving still scary!
And our 'manager' this year is much more friendly and crazy!
Jason Hing! We all call him Daddy! Hahahaha...
But he takes good care of us! ^^

January! Came back to Australia...
We stay in a 5 star hotel in Melbourne for a night!
It was AWESOME!!! I want to go back there again some time when I'm rich!
Wakakakaka... And yeah! We drove all the way back to Canberra! 8 hours drive arh!
Insane one! Hahahaha~
But yeah! Went back to work! And I'm bored here!
Weather here can kill arh!
It had been almost 40 degrees this 2 days!
I'm starting to melt people!

Want to know of nice songs?! I'm very ready to introduce some!
And I've been listening to SBSPopAsia on the radio!
It's Australia but they play Asian songs!
How cool is that! Hahahaha~

Went back to going to church!
I'm trying to be active so that I don't stay in the house for.. EVER?
All the best girl! :p

Ciaoz larh! Haiyo~
I lazy to type already! Haha~

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Update before exam~ :p

Since my blog had been soooo dead!
I shall update it before my exam! XD
My exam starts in an hour time! Haha~

Went to watch Harry Potter 7 last week!
It was awesome! But GG larh!
Only left like one third of the book and they just stop there! RAWR!
But I have to say~ Emma Watson is HOT! XD
She is sooo beautiful larh! RAWR!

Nyeh! I'm going back to M'sia on the 8th!
Can't wait! Would be going to Genting on 10th til 25th! Haha~
Come meet me there!

And how pathetic~ I'm organizing my own gathering!
Haha~ My friends are all too busy to organize one~ (I'll take that excuse)
Hmm~ Bored...

Seems like shops from Sydney are shifting down here to Canberra!
We're having EasyWay, BreadTop here already! Haha
Looks like we have no point going to Sydney anymore! :p

But I still stick to Boost Juice though~
Same price but Boost Juice's standard is set~
Yet EasyWay's one is dropping!

There's a list of things I want to eat in my Facebook note~
Haha~ I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to bring food up to Genting for me~ :p

Ciaoz! All the best for my exam! XD

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 20th Heng Dai!

Well... Beside my dad, brother, Vincent Looi and Michael... I dare say these two are the most important guys in my life! XD *Giggles*
We all knew each another only in Form 4... But the friendship still last til now! I'm amazed!

When we were still in secondary school... Haha~ Guys I have to say~ I know lots of secret about him during those days! But not now anymore! Secrets are nothing compared to words of caring from each another! XD (Yawn somemore... Later fly or mosquito fly in then you know!)

As time goes by... We all grow to be more mature and reliable... Friendship somehow last at this period of time... Looks changes more towards the good side I must say~ XD (Yeng and leng zhai d larh!)

Haha~ Even though look changes... The child inside everyone of us never leaves... When we are together~ We somehow act like a bunch of small kids who never have enough of everything! Hehehehe...

Just want to tell you my friend... When you are lonely, down and cold... Always remember that we, your friends are here for you! You will always be in our hearts! Being alone in India may be hard for you... But it would also be hard for those back in Malaysia (and those who are in overseas) who misses your presence! Being sensitive once in awhile prove that friendship is very important! Don't go looking in the mirror and talk to yourself again okay! XD Although you didn't send the message to me arh~ But I'm sure everyone who receive it may be tearing at that point of time~ Heng Dai! Since our friendship lasted from -teen to -ty~ May our friendship last as long as possible! Happy Belated Birthday post! I miss you! I love you! Take care!

A good friend is hard to find, hard to lose and impossible to forget!
Friendship is God's most precious gift! ^^

By the way... He is still single... Anyone interested? MSN me! XD

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hehe! Lots of thing happen since the last blog post oo!
First up was brother's graduation!
I was so happy! Got to wear nice nice pretty pretty!
Was quite boring and very informal though!
It was D-DAY we 3 siblings alone took a photo together!
And also D-DAY we 3 hug each another!
Happens once in a life time I guess!

Other than that...
Went to Floriade!
Saw lots and lots of beautiful flowers~
Hmm... First time got hay fever until want siao d!
Sneeze non stop! RAWR! Annoyed!

Went to the war memorial after being in Canberra for almost 2 years~
Haha~ Learn lots of things from it too~
Got talk about Malaysia nerh! XD

Oooo... So sad larh~
Eggie Hock Guan went to India already~ Don't know when only can see him again!
I miss him and also my Thawisap gor! :p

Lots of nice new song lately! Shall introduce! ^^
Se7en-I'm going crazy (Playing right now!)
Se7en-Better Together (But I like the chorus nia!)
2NE1-Go Away
TaeGoon-Call ME
TaeGoon-One Two Step
BoA-Hurricane Venus
Super Junior-Angel
Super Junior- It's You (Old song~ But I love it!)

I just finish watching Baker King Kim Tak Goo yesterday!
AWESOME drama!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lee Hom's latest album!

I personally love this page of the lyric book very muchie! It's awesome!

It's here!!! Daddy brought it over from Malaysia~ Haha!

Nyeh! love everything from the album! Very niceeeeeeeeee...... Especially the songs! XD Thank you daddy! Love Lee Hom's album! Heart heart heart~


Oo! Didn't update my blog for so long already...
I've got something to confess!!!
Haha~ Hearts hearts and hearts!

I'm bored... Just wrote a few letters to send to friends...
Hehe~ Hand-written kay! ^^

Any song to introduce arh?!
Let me see...
2NE1's new song release already!
The song Can't Nobody quite nice lerh~

O! SNSD's Japanese version of Genie!
That song! The Japanese version's Music Video is better...
Whereas the Korean version's song is nicer~
Not bad lerh~

Waiting for my Lee Hom's album to come!
Would be here tomorrow! Hahahahahaha...

Se7en is back!!!
His song also quite nice arh~
Digital Bounce featuring T.O.P from Big Bang~
I personally prefer Better Together...
The chorus is niceeeeee....

I'm addicted to one of the song from Super Junior's SS3 concert...
DongHae and Eunhyuk compose that song~
It is nice! I wish they would record it in the studio!
It's title is I wanna love you~ AWESOME song!!!

I'm waiting for Korean dramas...
Lets see....
Baker King Kim Tak Goo...
Mischievous Kiss...
Birdie Buddy...
My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox...
All the awesome dramas! Rawr! Can't wait...

S.H.E. is coming to Australia... Sydney thought...
But ticket expensive arh!
Not worth the money~
So not going... Hehe~

Had been reading Vampire Kisses...
Much more interesting than Vampire Diaries...
But I think it's more for kids...
Hmm... Best vampire books are still Twilight...

Update till here nia~
Sien already~ ^^

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Update! ^^

Hehe~~~ After 2 weeks of laziness...
I shall update today at this hour before I go oink oink! :p

Lately still stuck with Korean dramas, entertainment show and music! XD

It's just addictive! URGH!

My ear swollen! T.T
Apparently is due to infection...
I wonder... It's annoying!
I mean uni semester is starting soon!
Don't let me go to uni looking like a weirdo please!
Get alright faster kay! I sayang you ear ear! ^^

Oo! New song to introduce!
Firstly sure larh SHINee's new album Lucifer!
The whole album is just awesomeness!
The performance are just awesomeness too!
I mean... They were criticize during their first performance because people thought they were lip singing!
But then someone came up with the 'music remove' part!
It sounded exactly the same!
Support singers who have the potential! XD

Oo! Apparently Lee Hom has got a new movie that he directed!
And his new album is releasing next month I guess...

Nice songs:
U-Kiss - Without You
Super Junior (DongHae) - Strong Heart's Logo Song! (It's addictive!)
Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
Katy Perry - California
Flying To The Sky - Missing You
F(x) - Boggie Man
F(x) - Ice Cream
F(x) - Me+U
Charice ft. Iyaz - Pyramid
SHINee - Lucifer
SHINee- Quasimodo
SHINee - A-Yo
SHINee - Up & Down
SHINee - Obsession
SHINee - Love Pain
SHINee - Your Name
2AM (Jo Kwon) - The Day I confessed
2AM - I'm Sorry I Can't Laugh For You

Off I go~ La la la~ ^^